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Mail Tampering

USPS Mail Tampering Poster

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Sociopath Nursery Rhyme

Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater
Had a wife and couldn’t keep her
He put her in a pumpkin shell
And there he stalked her very well

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I Love That B*tch

She is a prostitute
She has psych issues
This is what I deal with
I love her unconditionally
I want to help her
God give me strength

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Initial Lies

I don’t drink.
I don’t do drugs.
I don’t like drama.
I am not Christian.
I am honest.
I am faithful.
I am sane.
I am a good man.
I only have traffic offenses.
I only want you.
I love you.

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“I’m going down to the bar, pick up a woman, bring her back here and #!&! her on this bed right in front of you.  My first wife didn’t like when I did that to her.  I don’t think you’ll like it either.”

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Sleep Is A Human Right

Sleep Is A Human Right

 “Sleep is essential for a human being to maintain the delicate balance of health necessary for its very existence and survival. Sleep is, therefore, a fundamental and basic requirement without which the existence of life itself would be in peril,” the court said, terming it as a basic human right.

Right to sleep a fundamental right, says Supreme Court (India)

Sleep Deprivation Is Torture

“Forcibly depriving a person of sleep is a profound assault on the entire biological system at the foundation of that person’s mind and body.”

Why Sleep Deprivation Is Torture (Psychology Today)


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He forbid me to read, to write, to go on the Internet, and to play Bookworm.  Today, I will be doing them all!

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In Defense of Food & Human Rights

Why don’t you live at your sister’s house? I did — twice — about three months each time. One of many reasons is that I will not live in a house commanded by a former Air Force Drill Sergeant where reading In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto is taboo. Seriously.


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Petition for Protective Order Incidents (11 of 11)

On the morning of 8/28/2014, at Highway 6 and Boyrum Street, I began walking across the highway to Burger King. My sister and young niece were in a vehicle at the light waiting to turn to meet me there. I saw him loitering outside Burger King. I turned around and walked to Hy-Vee supermarket’s parking lot. My sister had driven there so I got in her vehicle.

The three of us watched him ride a bicycle circling the lot, up and down side streets, even behind dumpsters — searching for me. Then he met his friend Peter (who was also on a bike) outside the liquor department.

My sister (an Air Force veteran) is afraid to be with me anywhere in Iowa City now. The police told him and Peter I want no contact with either of them and advised me to seek a protective order.

Note: Peter is a fake name he told to my roommates. I learned his real name at a later date.


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Petition for Protective Order Incidents (9 of 11)

On the afternoon of 9/2/2014 at Free Lunch, I realized that the man in front of me being served was him. I stood away from him. My friend whose house I live in arrived and stood next to me. He turned around and yelled at my friend, “Stay away from my wife!” then walked over and pushed him hard toward a wall.

He took off. Someone called the police. I tried to call the police but I was so upset I couldn’t figure out how to dial 9-1-1 correctly from my phone. My friend told the officer he didn’t want to file a report because he was on his lunch hour from work.

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