Reviewing My “40 Things” List 15 Years Later

11 Mar

“Life is short.” 

“Eat dessert first.”

This doesn’t mean eat a pint of mint chocolate chip Rice Dream frozen dessert for breakfast nor does it mean to literally eat dessert as the first course of a meal.  It means do whatever is most important to you, what you really want, first… because you might not get the chance.

“Draw your lines.  Take your stands.  Be prepared to walk alone.”

It’s your life and you alone are responsible for your own health.  Other people may try to persuade you or steer you in a different direction ~ even with the best intentions ~ even those who love you.  Only you can decide how you will live and what you will or will not accept or allow.  People may call you crazy.  They may say you have a death wish.  That is their opinion, not facts or your truth.  Be prepared to walk alone.  Other people may waste your time while you are racing against the clock.

“Dispose of clutter.”  

Get rid of it.  All of it.  Read Clutter’s Last Stand.

“Get organized.” 

Create a plan.

40 Things I Learned During First Year After CLL Diagnosis

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