Petition for Protective Order Incidents (6 of 11)

23 Feb

At 11:30 am on 8/16/2014, I left my house and walked down Highland Street on my way to Free Lunch. I saw him walking toward me on the same side of the street. He sat on the grass near a corner (a block or so from Burger King) waiting for me. I walked past him, ignoring him. He followed me.

I tried to get to Burger King but he blocked my path. I tried to re-cross Highland Street but he kept blocking me. So, I literally just stood in the middle of the street as cars stopped and many onlookers outside Parts Chief watched him yell at me.

He said, “Why does he keep letting you live in his house? It’s because he’s f***ing you! I’m going to beat him! I’m going to snap his spine! I’m going to do this to make sure he throws you out and you have nowhere to go! I’m going to wait for him to show up at lunch.” He pulled out a cigarette and yelled to me, “Give me a light, wh***!”

A man at Parts Chief asked if I wanted him to call the police. I said, “Yes! Please!” I walked toward the man and he followed me. A woman was inside a car in Parts Chief’s lot. As he walked by the car, the man yelled to him, “Stay away from my wife! You’re insane!”

The man and his wife drove by as I walked down Gilbert Court. They told me that he had walked down a different street and was waiting for me on the corner.

I walked into Free Lunch, went directly to the kitchen, and explained the situation to two people. I warned them he was waiting outside to hurt my friend and to call police if he enters the room.

He entered just after 12:00 pm and sat facing me at the table next to mine. He yelled, “I’m waiting for him! I’m going to beat him for f***ing my wife!”

I ran to the kitchen and asked them to call the police. He left immediately and took off before officers arrived. I missed eating, so a friend packed take-out food for me.

His friend told me that he and another friend saw him passed out at The Can Shed that morning and gave him a ride to Burger King.

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