Petition for Protective Order Incidents (5 of 11)

23 Feb

At midnight on 8/15/2014, I was on the front porch of the house where I live. He walked by, intoxicated, and said, “I’m not stalking you. I’m just walking down this street.” He stopped walking and said, “I love you. Please talk to me.”

My roommates were both sleeping and he was getting loud. I walked over to him and asked him to please be quiet and not wake them. He got louder. I said that if he goes away quietly, I will meet him at 8:00 am at Starbucks.

He asked me to hug him and I refused. He yelled, “Why won’t you hug me here? You’re my wife! I’ll wake up everyone!” I said to forget Starbucks and went inside the house.

He continued yelling on the sidewalk and succeeded in waking one of my roommates, who was very unhappy about it.

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