Petition for Protective Order Incidents (4 of 11)

23 Feb

On the evening of 8/7/2014, a female friend and I were outside talking at Burger King. Suddenly, he appeared. I ignored him but he kept talking to me. My friend and I tried to walk to Highland Park to get away from him but he followed us. We turned around and walked in the opposite direction. He followed us across the highway and past Orscheln’s to the BP station corner. He began yelling and accusing us of being lesbian lovers, making obscene comments, and laughing.

We walked down Keokuk Street toward Highland Park. He followed on our heels and pretended he was part of our conversation as we walked by the house where I live. My friend who owns the house was out front watching the three of us walk by on the opposite side of the street.

At the park, I told him to go away, leave me alone, and I don’t ever want to speak with him again. He yelled at us. We walked down Highland Street toward Burger King and he followed us. I asked my friend if she felt stalked and harassed. She said yes. I didn’t have phone service so I walked toward a house to ask someone to call the police. He finally left.

He went to the house where I live and told my friend who was still outside, “I offered JoAnn for us to get an apartment and to turn on her phone service but she doesn’t want them or me. I guess I’ll have to move on.”

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