Petition for Protective Order Incidents (3 of 11)

22 Feb

On a Sunday afternoon in July/August 2014, I was inside Burger King. He walked in drunk and immediately accused me of stealing his phone, demanded that I give it to him, and threatened to call the police and have me searched if I didn’t. He was in my face yelling. He said he gave it to me the night before (when he was following me as I walked home!) and I didn’t return it. I told him that he took his phone out of his pocket to show me, then put it back in his pocket. I never touched his phone and didn’t have it.

He continued accusing, demanding, and threatening. I asked for someone to call the police but no one did. I left to walk home. He followed me and wouldn’t let me cross the highway at Keokuk Street. I finally made it across but he jumped in front of me waving his arms and blocking my path to walk home while yelling phone theft accusations.

I told him I was going to the police substation. He said, “OK! Let’s go!.” When we reached Taco Bell, he took off. The substation door was locked and my phone wouldn’t call 9-1-1. I went into Stuff, Etc. and they called the police. I was hyperventilating severely. The officers were unable to locate him. I later learned that his friends who live on my block allowed him to hide out from the police inside their house.

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