04 Feb

April 22, 1978

Dear Diary,
My mom is so mean. She yells at me for everything. If I’m just sitting down she’ll start screaming at me, then she takes my things and throws them around the room. I am so sick of her. She keeps telling me how much she hates me and she can’t wait till I move out. She also said that she likes my sister and brother more than me because they’re people. What the hell does she think I am? I hate her. I wish I could move out of this dumb house. I hate it so much.

April 23, 1978

Dear Diary,
I was talking to a friend on the phone today and my mom started screaming and hitting me because I asked when the buses run. I was so embarrassed. My friend heard the whole thing. I was screaming because my mom was punching my arms, kicking me in the stomach, pulling my hair and banging me against the wall. She told me to be quiet! She’s a nut. She should be reported for child abuse. She told me to pack my suitcase and leave. I really should have. I’m thinking about it!

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