Leisurely Pursuits

11 Jan

There are several reasons why solving Dell Logic Puzzles is my favorite leisure activity. The principles of potential, excellence, and quality form the root from which my present pastime stems.

During elementary school, I began solving puzzles to expand my potential. My maternal grandmother explained that knowledge was a sturdy foundation that I could build a stable future upon. My grandmother has an 8th grade formal education; however, she possesses the vocabulary of a PhD, the financial savvy of a CPA, and the Bridge technique of an expert. She encouraged me to read books and compose letters; she inspired me to learn for personal growth. She also introduced me to crossword puzzles, which was a hobby my mother deemed acceptable as “doing something constructive” with my leisure time. Puzzles provided hours of productive entertainment. Two months prior to my 18th birthday, my grandmother and I flew to Massachusetts to visit her brother-in-law and sister. On Sunday morning, everyone gathered in the family room. My grandmother poured over her traditional New York Times crossword, until one clue stumped her. My aunt and uncle attempted to provide assistance, but they were equally baffled. Nonchalantly, I blurted out the answer. My grandmother gasped and asked how I could have possibly known that word. I shrugged my shoulders and explained that I just knew. The next day, my aunt and uncle (an optometrist) offered to fund my college education if I moved into their home. Responsibilities in Philadelphia prevented me from accepting their invitation, but I learned that puzzle solving had increased my potential.

Two years ago, I resumed solving logic puzzles to pursue excellence. For many years, I purchased variety puzzle magazines containing mostly crosswords, some cryptograms and anacrostics, and only 2 to 4 logic puzzles per issue. Crossword’s checkered grids and the code-cracking of cryptograms and anacrostics had lost their appeal. Logic puzzles presented a multi-dimensional situation which enabled me to practice critical thinking. Because variety puzzle magazines were not a good value for only a few logic puzzles, I stopped buying them. Over time, I missed the intellectual stimulation puzzles provided, especially as I awaited my opportunity to begin college. So, I returned to the magazine shelf of a local drugstore. As if a secret wish had been granted, I spotted a magazine devoted entirely to logic puzzles–over 40 in one issue! Like a detective, I became engrossed in gathering clues, following trails and solving mysteries. Mastering a difficult five-star puzzle gave me a sense of achievement. Unraveling complicated problems and knitting smooth solutions was immensely gratifying. Logic puzzles challenge excellence.

Today, I solve Dell Logic Puzzles to ensure quality. Dell publishes high-caliber puzzles that are virtually error-free and are created by master puzzlesmiths like Scott Marley and Randall Whipkey. I have purchased Penny Press Logic Problems to satisfy my craving between issues of Dell, but they were inferior and were not an equal substitute. I’ve become a logic puzzle snob; if they’re not Dell, they’re not worth my time. My grandmother chose the New York Times Sunday Crossword and I choose Dell Logic Puzzles–two synonyms for quality puzzles.

©1994 by JoAnn Brown

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