40 Things I Learned During First Year After CLL Diagnosis

23 Aug

I wrote the following list titled “What I have learned since CLL diagnosis” in Wichita, Kansas on February 27, 2000: 

1) Life is short.

a) Eat dessert first.

b) Draw your lines. Take your stands. Be prepared to walk alone.

c) Dispose of clutter.

d) Get organized.

2. Hope is the most important factor in healing.

3. Mountains are inspirational.

4. I am not, nor do I want to be, a religious person.

5. Food can kill or heal.

6. The Interlibrary Loan Program is too slow to be useful.

7. Some problems are unsolvable.

8. Remain focused on your most important life goals. It is easy to be led astray.

9. Time, Money, and Energy are important resources to help you achieve your goals.

10. Balance is a key factor to living a healthy and happy life.

11. It is important for people to cook for and nourish themselves.

12. I sometimes say things which hurt or offend others.

13. In order to heal, you must first choose to and want to heal. Some people don’t.

14. Chemotherapy is poison.

15. Even organic foods may be genetically engineered.

16. The world will pass you by if you don’t get out there and live.

17. I don’t like writing “my story”.

18. You can lose thousands of dollars in the stock market overnight. The majority of a person’s savings should be kept in a low-risk, growing investment.

19. You can’t get your money out of a 401k. You can only borrow and re-pay a portion, with interest.

20. The tax advantages of IRAs are pointless if your investment declines in value from original contribution amount.

21. Buy cheap and hold long-term is best investment (stocks) strategy.

22. Relaxing and enjoying yourself are important to living a balanced life.

23. Eating the modern American diet combined with smoking regular (additive) cigarettes causes some cancers. Eating a macrobiotic diet and being in good health allows you the personal choice of smoking 100% tobacco (non-additive) cigarettes.

24. People with cancer always feel cold.

25. Computers and the Internet are useful tools.

26. The basic necessities of modern life are food, clothing, shelter, fuel, transportation, and communication.

27. Home interiors should have plenty of correct lighting and plants.

28. Human beings do not need to eat meat, no matter what they ‘think’.

29. I love to read, research, and write about subjects which are interesting to me ~ at my own pace (slow).

30. There are times when human interaction is superior to book reading.

31. If you don’t make travel plans, you will never get to the places you want to go.

32. It is worthwhile to pay for services which free you to focus upon more fruitful endeavors, or condense your learning curve, etc.

33. Reading personal stories of people who have recovered from cancer provides hope and knowledge that is extremely beneficial.

34. Chinese food is not healthful, but Japanese food is healthful.

35. Most foods can be eaten with chopsticks and the remainder with a spoon.

36. Doctors do not heal patients. Patients heal themselves.

37. Bad things happen to good people and vice versa.

38. Dreaming is not a good thing.

39. Trust and follow your own intuition.

40. Remission is not a cure, just a temporary subsiding of symptoms. The illness remains dormant, not gone.

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