Love Letter

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THE BEST love letter I have ever received:

“There is no way to tell you I love you. There are no words to explain. I love you so

much it hurts. I am in fear all the time. I am crazy in love. The only thing that comes

close is when I am holding you and even that pales to express the way I really feel. I

feel as if I am a mute. I never knew how it would feel to not be able to speak until I

fell in love with you .”

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The Delegation Book Website

Establishing a website for my book The Delegation: Mysteries & Adventures of an 18th Century Peace Delegation

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The Delegation Book Fund

Please “Like & Share” my fundraising campaign for The Delegation Book Fund !!!

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Dear God,

Thank you for endowing me with a brain, a heart, and courage.  As I witness daily the scant supply apportioned, I know that I am thrice blessed.


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I will publish names, photos, links to crimimal records, etc. of anyone who harasses, assaults, stalks, or threatens me — male or female, indoors or outdoors, publicly or privately, online or offline.

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Show Them The Money

The Family Court of Philadelphia Adoption Branch Information Pamphlet states that they handle requests from adoptees seeking to locate their biological parents.  However, it is not free… or even reasonably priced.

Request for Limited (Non-Identifying) Information costs $50.00 and a Request for Identifying Information costs $150.00.  Yes, you read that correctly…. One Hundred Fifty United States Dollars.

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Mail Tampering

USPS Mail Tampering Poster

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The man who harassed me several years ago and recently claimed to not be trying to know where I live …
publicly harassed me yesterday and is sleeping in the living room where I live tonight.  Outrageous!

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Noise Pollution

“Noise pollution or noise disturbance is the disturbing or excessive noise that may harm the activity or balance of human or animal life.”  Noise Pollution – Wikipedia

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Walking: 04 Jun 2015


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