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Tall Ghost Tales

Yesterday, while conducting genealogy research, I read the most hilarious fable and found a ghost! :-)

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Sociopath Nursery Rhyme

Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater
Had a wife and couldn’t keep her
He put her in a pumpkin shell
And there he stalked her very well

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Fairy Tales

Your fairy tales were spun
With a ray of golden sun
Where the bluest rivers run
Along rose-colored shores
And once upon a time
In faded lights of lime
You made up your mind
To make the story yours

©1984 JoAnn Brown

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I Love That B*tch

She is a prostitute
She has psych issues
This is what I deal with
I love her unconditionally
I want to help her
God give me strength

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Initial Lies

I don’t drink.
I don’t do drugs.
I don’t like drama.
I am not Christian.
I am honest.
I am faithful.
I am sane.
I am a good man.
I only have traffic offenses.
I only want you.
I love you.

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“I’m going down to the bar, pick up a woman, bring her back here and #!&! her on this bed right in front of you.  My first wife didn’t like when I did that to her.  I don’t think you’ll like it either.”

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Last night, I walked into Burger King, and one of his girlfriend’s was there.  I ignored her, as usual.  She approached me (like we’re friends) and asked me for a light.  I told her to go ask my husband. :)

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Sleep Is A Human Right

Sleep Is A Human Right

 “Sleep is essential for a human being to maintain the delicate balance of health necessary for its very existence and survival. Sleep is, therefore, a fundamental and basic requirement without which the existence of life itself would be in peril,” the court said, terming it as a basic human right.

Right to sleep a fundamental right, says Supreme Court (India)

Sleep Deprivation Is Torture

“Forcibly depriving a person of sleep is a profound assault on the entire biological system at the foundation of that person’s mind and body.”

Why Sleep Deprivation Is Torture (Psychology Today)


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You Have No Power Over Me

JoAnn Bianchi Brown:

I love this powerful poem by Iris Moon.

Originally posted on Warrior Moon:

I’ll never be stranded or left out on my own

Because I carry love and light as my true home

Unchained I’m saved to breathe the truth of who I am

It completely beguiles you, you just can’t understand

I am a person who walks in the light of love, honest in being

I don’t skim along the shadows like you hiding and scheming

I have the strength of life that you attempted to control

Because you wish you had the light that shines in my soul

And I see you clear now and know your name

I called you out from your mind games

You are the demon I cast out of my life

carved out of my heart with loves true knife

My heart is free now, there’s no place for you here

Go back to your hell, back to your pit of fear

~ Iris Moon🌜

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